PRICES & packages

Four different packages are available with AB Videography, including the Solent Women's Sport subscription service, but if you have any specific requirements please feel free to contact Alex directly via email:

Solent Women's Sport is a subscription service run by AB Videography to fill the gap in coverage on the south coast.

Filming of any women's sport in the Solent area is free but the highlights and full match videos are only available for subscribing members. 

The Solent Women's Sport section also includes interviews and special features.

For more infomation, please visit the designated section for Solent Women's Sport.


Ideal for men's and youth sport, the sport's video highlights package is perfect for big games or events.

The package is cheaper is because we can use the highlights on AB Videography to promote ourselves and the clubs or individuals involved. The full match video is then put up for general sale in our Online Store to cover the rest of our costs.

Clients will receive a 3-6 minute highlights video complete with commentary or narration as well as a copy of the full match or event video.


£15 per hour

£20 commentator fee

plus any reasonable travel expenses.


As part of the sport's filming services, AB Videography is able to provide exclusive analytical footage to a team or an individual. 

Because we are unable to use the footage ourselves (in most cases) or sell it on to fans, officials or opposition teams, this package is more expensive than the video highlights package.


£30 per hour

£20 commentator fee (only if applicable)

plus any reasonable travel expenses


AB Videography can also do sports and commercial packages for those who need high quality filming and editing for club advertising or for business purposes. 

In some cases, we can apply a video highlights style package if we feel it suits the commercial needs and we can use it to promote AB Videography in our latest videos section. 

If, however, the footage is needed exclusively to advertise or promote a club or brand, our prices reflect this. 


£50 per hour (including editorial time)

£25 commentator fee (only if applicable)

plus any reasonable travel expenses

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